“Have A Nice Day/Let’s Cancel The Future” 7″ out now!!!!

Hi folks,
Well I’ve been a little distracted this summer so I haven’t kept up with the site but I did want to pause to tell y’all about the BRAND NEW VICTIMS FAMILY 7″ OUT NOW on ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES!!!
Yes that’s right the first new VF music in 11 years (about time,right?)… Apparently the first run of colored vinyl is sold out, but the stunning ebony vinyl version remains and sounds just as good…With eye-popping graphics by Zoltron…. click here to buy it from Alternative Tentacles dot com

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  1. Molly Fisher says:

    I looked up your web site because I’m listening to it now. You guys always manage to give just the right hit of VF sound I know and love without sounding repetitive, ever– you add something new and interesting with each tune. Is that…Salsa? Something Spanish? I don’t know, but it’s good. I just bought it on iTunes just because it made me happy to see you in iTunes. Should I have got it directly from AT?

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