I’ve got some bad news and some good news

Dear VF Fans and Friends,
We are sorry to report that Victims Family will not be able tour Europe as planned this spring. This decision was not easy to make as VF has never canceled a tour and we are so sorry to disappoint our fans, but financial pressures and logistical problems make it impossible for us to come to Europe at this time. We hope to return to Europe in the Fall. Stay tuned. Thank you to Macario for all of his hard work.

We hope to use the time this spring and summer to work on new material with an eye toward a new album, reissue “Things I Hate To Admit” with St. Rose Records and to play shows in California. So that’s the silver lining at least for fans here in the west will will be playing some shows. If you want to book a Victims Family show please write to me
Victims Family Booking
That goes for shows anywhere in the world, let us know and we’ll see if we can make it happen. OK? OK.

14 Responses to I’ve got some bad news and some good news

  1. Tim Soya says:

    The last time VF played Santa Rosa was July 22nd(my birthday!) 1993 at Magnolia’s in Railroad Square…


    • Ralph says:

      See I thought something like that…Although I though VF had played SR with Dave in around 2001 though I maybe mistaken but don’t think I am. But we’ll get to the bottom of this

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  3. stogref says:

    You’d better work hard on new material this spring because releasing a new album is the only way you can be forgiven guys, gonna miss VF so bad I swear! ✖✖✖

  4. martin oosterhuis says:

    Too bad, people. But a new album and a fall-tour sound pretty sweet as well. Good luck with all things coming your way.

  5. yarh says:

    The last time I say you play was in Sonoma County – back about 93 or so… now I’m gonna have to wait for your European tour. Please come back to Czech. I know a few bands that would love to play with you and have been making the regional punk rock festival circuit.

  6. ray boothby says:

    only just found out you guys had reformed, got damp around the edges at the wikipedia hinted euro tour and then smashed with horror at this sad revelation. a very emotional four minutes! if you guys need help or contacts etc for any south wales, uk shows in ‘the fall’, please get in touch. keep up the sublime work :)

  7. Maciej says:

    Szkoda, no ale cóż – coś za coś – I hope you will come to Poland someday.
    I’ve seen once… many years ago… still listen to. Europe needs you!

  8. robrong says:

    the last time i saw the family was @ the garage in norf london prob 10 years ago, the boys sat on the stage after the show an talked to everyone,the most talented,unpretentious guys ive had the pleasure to watch,hurry back boys,

  9. Lim says:

    Hi guys,
    Really hope to see you around this fall in Europe (Belgium)and please do not forget to bring Mickey Hanson with you 😉
    Lievens, Grieten, Verachtert

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