Listen to stuff

Here’s a bunch of songs you can listen to. Most of them are from obscure singles, compilations and the like and have been out of print for a long long time.

We hope to put a lot more music on the site soon.

Victims Family songs

Son Of Church Card and Quivering Lip
from the long out of print son of church card’s quivering lip 7″ (1988), are also featured as bonus tracks on the “Voltage & Violets” CD

Sinatra Mantra
from the Flipside Records compilation “the big one” (from the “white bread blues” sessions, 1990)

Burly Jalisco
from the Kirbdog Records compilation “sasquatch” (about 1990)

Well Paid Scientist
Victims Family w/Jello Biafra , live at the Great American Music Hall San Francisco, Ca. (5/12/01)

Saturn’s Flea Collar songs

Boner In The Logo
from the Alternative Tentacles 7″ “stretch to activate” (1996)

Lixx and I Can’t Quit
from the single “final transmission” live on VPRO Radio (Netherlands) and released on belgian label Subverziek (1997)

Hellworms songs

Glamorous Drug Problem and Microdot Stew
live at the Covered Wagon Saloon, San Francisco, CA.(1999)

Let’s Get All Liquor’d Up And Fuck
from the Very Small Records compilation “Songs about Drinking, Volume 3″ (1999)

An early, acoustic version from the “Unscrubbed, Live at the Laundromat” compilation, live at the Paradise Lounge, San Francisco, CA.(1999)