White Bread Blues REISSUED!!!

2010 marks the twentieth anniversary of our album White Bread Blues, long out of print in the US. Once again available thanks to Saint Rose Records.

Originally spewed forth upon the unsuspecting populace in 1990, this acid-drenched, sugar cubic, schizophrenic monstrosity is finally available again!

It sounds like the band had one foot in the “Voltage And Violets” era, with the other extending towards what what would later comprise their sound on later A.T. releases, a la “The Germ” or “Headache Remedy”.

If this album doesn’t make you want to take hallucinogens and dance naked in the forest, absolutely nothing will!
Comes on exquisite blue/white marbled vinyl, with an accompanying CD of the entire album, pics of a very young looking VF, old flyers, extensive liner notes from NoMeansNo, Les Claypool, and much, much more! Also includes the classic “Sinatra Mantra,” available for the first time on vinyl as a bonus track!

Click here to buy it from Saint Rose Records!!!

6 Responses to White Bread Blues REISSUED!!!

  1. robin landry says:

    hi, i,m a big fan of vf especially the first 2 albums and i would like to know if they will reissued in cd soon thanks

  2. Ralph says:

    Hey Robin,
    Ralph here…
    We are currently working on reissuing Things I Hate to Admit on St. Rose Records. This will be an LP reissue with a CD included (same as WBB). When we get that done Voltage and Violets will follow so all three will then be reissued.
    We have no plans to reissue these records as CD’s though I have considered CD box set of all three.
    Thanks for listening, we’ll keep you posted.

    • AcidiumsickRich says:

      I can put my vinyl copies on CD for ya! But then you’d still have pay Larry $18/disc or the tips of two fingers neatly bagged. Pirating vinyl hurts bands too!

  3. Endless Mike says:

    Awesome!!! Victims Family has been one of my favorites for about 9 years now. I accidentally discovered them at a used cd store when the dude behind the counter gave me this album by accident. Needless to say, the original album I meant to buy at the tender age of 15 sucked, and this album was a total classic that I may have never discovered.

  4. kilted151 says:

    hey ralph and larry
    whoevers working on the reissues, tell ‘em to hurry. lol. i lost all my equipment and music when i moved out of state. anyways back then i was an “almost every bay area gig VF fan”.I even met up, and supported at the smallest turn out gig of any sort that i have ever seen in santa cruz. crashed out that night at the piano pad down there. I want the VF LP collection from voltage on. i’m no longer in norcal bay area (oakland/martinez), now its “middle of nowhere”(FLEA COLLAR) bumfuck small town USA so my purchases will be online,
    where should i purchase so you guys get all or most of the corn?
    its good to find out you guys have kept it up. dont quit cause people appreciate your stuff more than you probably know.
    thnx, an old fan

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